I'm Tiffany Hardy—and
I'm all about wowing you ...

... and the global enterprises
that need you.
My Why: helping high-performing leaders who have changed businesses, industries, and the world, to do even more.

No wonder writing your LinkedIn
profile and resume isn't easy.

You have spent your career:

Creating and executing winning initiatives to achieve priority-1 organizational goals.
NOT learning the art and skill of resume writing or studying LinkedIn's algorithm.
But I have.
I create career documents that:
ATTRACT the right opportunities.
BOOST your credibility.
DIFFERENTIATE you as an all-star.
PROPEL your career into higher orbit.

Most executives I meet—while exceptional at

what they do—have WEAK job search tools.

WEAK in differentiation and filled with clichés.
WEAK in conveying impact.
WEAK in readability (i.e., skimmability).
WEAK in an era of bots and automation.

That's where I come in.

RECOGNIZED as a career-industry leader in creating authentic, memorable executive brands.
APPRECIATED by my clients for the bespoke service I offer in an industry of fast-moving assembly lines.
EXPERIENCED at creating HARDY tools that overcome job search hurdles.
COMMITTED to wowing discerning clients—and even more scrupulous employers.


Who I am:
Trusted partner to hundreds of leaders from 25+ countries.
Winner of 16 prestigious industry writing awards (TORIs).
Multi-certified writer and coach (NCOPE, CERM, ACRW, CHJMC, CDBS).
Executive peer with a global business background and lexicon.
Former hiring agent for a corporate training enterprise.
Trainer to fellow career services professionals and member of the National Resume Writers Association, Career Thought Leaders, and Career Directors International.
Featured contributor to Resumes for Dummies (8th ed.) and Uncover. Position. Thrive as well as the BlueSteps Executive Career Services Blog.
I’m also a dual citizen of the U.S. and Spain—with a bilingual family—who loves travel and hiking in my beautiful surroundings in northern Arizona.

And you? Who are you?

Let me guess. You are:
Performance-driven, innovative?
A strong leader?
Great at strategy and execution?
You are in good company.

These words describe every leader I’ve ever met—and are table stakes.

Don't throw money at a service that will showcase you as ordinary.

I will push you to dig deeper without settling for clichés.

Together we will uncover:
How you unlock big wins with global impact.
How you galvanize your teams.
How you do things differently than your peers.

Your LinkedIn Profile and Resume
should be a true—and utterly polished—reflection
of who you are as a leader.

The process of creating them should empower you with compelling talking points—ready to unleash during interviews, networking calls, and salary negotiations.


Why choose me as your career writing partner?

Simply put: I care.
I’m not in this to turn out as many projects as I possibly can, sacrificing quality on the tools your future depends on.
I am in this to:
Deeply understand your one-of-a-kind value.
Immerse myself in your industry’s challenges.
Understand your incredible career feats.
Gather the data that matter.
Create powerful messaging that resonates.
Meticulously design profiles and resumes that get noticed.

I speak the language of global business, and I know what a hiring agent needs—and wants—to see.

As a former Director of Operations for a corporate training enterprise, I built my own teams.
I partnered with senior leaders from Global Fortune 500 enterprises for years before becoming a career storyteller.

I put your audience first by giving them:

An answer to “Why you?”

Within seconds, the reader will know that you are unlike all of the other candidates. They will know that you have been the brains behind transformational change—and they will grasp your unique recipe for sharpening performance.

Their clear benefit

The greatest predictor of your future performance is your past performance. Your future employer needs you to deliver, transform, and overcome. Your job search tools must showcase how you have been doing so throughout your entire career.

Unique, skimmable design

Time to ditch the template distributed by every business school since the 90s. Readers need information delivered at lightning speed and those old templates don't cut it. Your modern, one-of-a-kind tools will have reader-friendliness and skimmability built into their DNA.

Technology compatibility

There are human audiences, and then there are AI-driven technologies and Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) systems that score candidates based on keyword matches. Your documents will be compatible with the bot audience.

Ready to get on my calendar?

We're a good fit for working together if ...

You need a partner—not a factory.

You want an industry-recognized expert who won’t pass you on to a newbie subcontractor or juggle the very documents your career depends on with dozens of other projects and deadlines.

and ...

You deliver on commitments and expect the same from your partners.

You are willing to stick to a timeline that we both agree on for providing information and feedback. I, in turn, won’t leave you wondering where your drafts are.

and ...

You insist on “Wow!” for your career portfolio
and nothing less than HARDY will do.
Yes, I want it done right.