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LinkedIn Profile & Resume Writing

Your LinkedIn profile and resume should match your extraordinary leadership career and destined advancement.

Can you relate?

My career has taken off, but my resume got left behind.
I know I can ace the interview, but I’m getting no LinkedIn hits.
I should be good at this, but I can’t seem to convey my value.
My story is complex, and I'm confused about how to tell it.
What if...

I could take you from overwhelmed to Wow! via one-of-a-kind job search tools that get you to your career goals more quickly?


Having job search tools that capture your value.
Getting the interest your profile warrants.
Shortening your time in transition.

Hello. I'm Tiffany Hardy.

Executive Clients Wowed
Writing Awards

I help upwardly mobile leaders leave competitors in the dust with impactful career documents.

My name says it all.

My writing is HARDY.

har•dy (ˈhär-dē), adjective

1. powerful, robust, strong.

2. able to survive extreme environments.*

*Precisely what your career writing needs to be―even in a pre-COVID economy.

What my clients say:



Top industry recognition & credentials:


1st Place

Best Healthcare/Medical Industry Resume, 2018

Nationally Certified Online Profile Expert (NCOPE)
Certified Executive Resume Master (CERM)
Academy Certified Resume Writer (ACRW)
Certified Hidden Job Market Coach (CHJMC)
Certified Digital Branding Strategist (CDBS)

Why you'll love working with me:

Because you'll come to me for a
LinkedIn profile and resume and you'll get:
Awareness of your uniqueness in a space filled with overperformers.
Confidence interviewing for high-level roles and negotiating a higher salary.
Powerful documents that do justice to years of unrelenting effort.

Glad you delegated to a pro.

Enjoying my smooth process.

Floored by how good you look on paper.


Well caffeinated.

Fully immersed in your project,

until every last detail has been perfected.

Authentic branding

I don't work with cookie-cutter leaders and I don't write cookie-cutter career stories.

You are more than "results-oriented", "strategic", and "great at execution" (all executive leaders are). You can't afford to put your future on the line with a service that won't uncover what makes you unique.

What do I offer that other services don't?

Many of my competitors:

Create flashy designs, but the writing and message are weak and the documents aren't ready for candidate-eliminating bots.
Write decently, but their design skills are wanting.
Obsess over ATS and SEO but neglect the human audience that needs a deeper brand connection.
Are grammar experts, but aren't well-versed in global business.
Can squeeze you in—they can always take on another project!

You'll be hard-pressed to find another writer who EXCELS in creating branded, exquisitely written and designed documents that crystallize your unique value to a human reader, while overcoming the dreaded tech hurdles of job search.

Harder still is finding someone with an international business background and leadership profile.

Rarest of all is finding a professional who isn't juggling your project with dozens of others (or passing them on to less-experienced subcontractors).

My trademark:

Branded writing that exquisitely represents you as a global business leader.
Tools ready for ATS, LinkedIn's algorithm, and hard-to-impress employers.
Unique yet appropriate resume designs that match your style and target.
A business model that allows me (not a subcontractor) to devote my undivided attention to you.

My commitment

My aim is to be your career-long partner—and I build a positive, collaborative relationship with you so that we can do just that.

You'll never hear me say, "Your time is up."

We stop when we're done.

Done means you're 100% confident

moving forward in your search.


So ... what will it be?

Don't go HARDY

RISK blending in with clichéd content, imprecise messaging, and a one-size-fits-all approach.
RISK your documents not passing the technology test, a hiring agent's test, or your "WOW" test.
RISK your future-defining project being a ball in someone's juggling act.

And worst of all ...

RISK losing your fast-rising career momentum because your LinkedIn profile and resume simply don't match your greatness.


SCORE a unique, compelling leadership brand that resonates with team builders and recruiters.
SCORE expertly written content and beautifully designed documents.
SCORE tools that overcome job search technology hurdles.

Plus ...

ENJOY a smooth engagement model with a global executive peer, industry-recognized expert, and committed partner who delivers on her promises.

Yes. I'm going HARDY.