Executive opportunities don’t just land in your lap.

They’re the result of a tried and true process.



Initial consultation to explore whether I am the right expert to meet your needs.


Time-tested method combining in-depth questionnaire and one-on-one interview.


Collaborative revision and refinement process to reach perfection and get to "wow!"


Your final stamp of approval, once drafts have been revised to your satisfaction.



Let's chat.

It may be tempting to click “Buy Now” on a website, but finding the right partner to tell your career story is not a decision to be made lightly.

It’s worth hopping on a call to get important answers:

Who will I be working with―a recognized expert or a subcontracted newbie?
Do I trust this expert to handle my particular challenge?
Do we have a good connection? (A customized service means spending quite a bit of time together).
Do the services offered match my needs?

During this free consultation:

I will:

Assess the project complexity to offer a precise quote/timeline.
Determine the clarity of your career goals.
Verify that my expertise matches your needs.

You will:

Get transparent information on price, timeline, and deliverables.
Understand how it will all happen.
Determine whether I am the right expert to help you.

We'll agree on the package that's right for you, firm up the dates on our calendars, and kick off the project.


No problem! I try to assist every single person I encounter, whether they hire me or not.

I’m not desperate for my next gig. If I believe another expert will be more suitable, I'll direct you to that resource.



Let’s dive in.

The information intake process gives me exactly what I need to deliver HARDY, “wow”-worthy career documents. It helps you to better understand your value.

2.1 Detailed questionnaire:

I get:

Answers to questions that get to the essence of your brand.
All the critical data on your career history.
A good, solid understanding of your background so that I can prepare for our 2-hour interview.

You get:

A reflective exercise that nearly every one of my clients says is extremely valuable in and of itself.
Time to jog your memory and gather data from old files.
The chance to carefully examine your goals, achievements, and skills.
No eloquence needed; leave that to me.

Quick outline format is fine.

2.2 One-on-one interview:

I get:

The chance to hear you speak, so your documents can reflect how you communicate.
Answers to questions that arise after carefully reading your completed questionnaire.
All of the puzzle pieces to build your brand and tell your story.

You get:

The chance to elaborate on the details.
The opportunity to express your preferences or ask questions about your documents.
A great prep session for future interviews!
“Tiffany, can’t we just do one of these?”

Sorry. With every single client, some of the most valuable information comes from the questionnaire and some of it comes from the interview. I never get all of the juiciest branding elements from one single method. Without both methods, your materials will lose "wow"-appeal. This has been tested and retested.



Let’s refine to perfection.

Within about a week of our interview you will receive your draft.

All documents will have been:

Expertly developed with a solid branding strategy, exceptional design skills, and silky-smooth writing.
Edited by my obsessive self at least a half-dozen times.
Quality checked by a persnickety proofreader.


Word and PDF files.
An annotated version that explains all key decisions and considerations.

I always aim for “wow”, but if that doesn’t happen on the first draft,
rest assured, we will get there.

Candid feedback is welcome on:

Overall design and layout: “Is it my style?”
Branding: “Does it represent who I am?”
Wording: “Am I happy with the word-choice aspects?”
Accuracy: “Does it reflect reality?”
Confidentiality: “Can I disclose this information?”
Anything else.
“How will I provide my feedback?”

In whatever format you prefer. If the revisions are minor, track changes or even bullets in an email are fine. If a discussion is warranted, we’ll hop on a call. We can even do a screen share and make revisions together.
“Do you limit the number of revisions?”

Unlike many of my competitors, I do not put a limit on the number of drafts we go through or revision sessions we have. I am committed to getting this right—whatever it takes. That said, an excessive number of drafts is highly unusual. The screen-sharing sessions I do with my clients usually result in all feedback points resolved and approved quickly. My only request is that you provide comprehensive feedback on the initial draft to minimize the need for major overhauls on subsequent drafts.



Let’s celebrate.
You are equipped for success.

You’ll be given final drafts to approve and be asked to take
one last look to ensure revisions were made to your satisfaction.

You will receive:

Word, PDF, and Plain Text files.
An executive resume guidebook that will give you critical information on using your resume in the most effective way possible, including detailed instructions on how to tailor your resume to particular opportunities.
A comprehensive LinkedIn guidebook that will walk you through uploading your new LinkedIn Profile content and making the most of its features.

We’ll start with one core piece (resume or LinkedIn profile). Once finalized, we’ll develop your supporting documents. You’ll provide feedback for each subsequent document, although changes are usually minor since we iron out the kinks with the core document.


Schedule a call with me
if you are ready for:

Leadership opportunities that match your career goals and unique abilities.
Continued career progression via powerful job search tools.
The level of impact you crave and know you are ready for.

… and if you know you need an expert who:

Will type up your career history.

Will create compelling career documents that survive harsh job search elements with a solid brand strategy and deep insight into what hiring agents want and what ATS systems require.

Juggles your project with dozens of others.

Offers a high-touch service and dedicates the time and attention that your exceptional leadership profile warrants.

Passes you on to a newly certified subcontractor.

Puts years of experience helping global executives to advance their careers behind your project.

Needs to be done with you already.

Is happy to go through the iterations needed to get to “wow!”

Can start tomorrow and offers a bargain.

Is worth the wait and the investment.

Yes, I want a HARDY career portfolio.