Personal Brand Development

Proprietary written intake and career assessment.
2-3 hour in-depth interview to discuss career history, target, core relevant strengths, and brand positioning.


Custom-designed, ATS-friendly 2-3 page document in Word, PDF & Plain Text.
Feedback session(s) to refine the document to your satisfaction.
Comprehensive guidebook to help you tailor your resume to precise opportunities and data-backed ways to use your resume most effectively.

LinkedIn Profile

New content for: Headline, About, Experience & Skills sections.
Search engine optimization through strategically placed keywords.
Word file (to copy and paste into online profile).
30-minute LinkedIn coaching session and final online check.
Comprehensive LinkedIn Guidebook to make the most of LinkedIn’s features to attract opportunities.

Cover Letter / E-Note

Adapted to end use: recruiter letter, networking letter, direct-to-company letter, ad response letter, etc.
Custom-designed Word file to match resume.

Optional Resume Distribution

Executive search firms

Your resume will be distributed to select agencies matched to your target from the most up-to-date database in the industry with 16K+ continuously updated (weekly) and meticulously researched U.S. and Canadian firms. You will receive your customized list of individuals (likely between 1K–2K) who received your resume so that you can connect or follow on LinkedIn and selectively follow up.

Venture capital & private equity firms

Your resume will be distributed to venture capital investors looking for senior-level executives to lead companies within their portfolios. The database contains 2.6K+ firms and is updated at least once/week. You will receive a customized list of individuals in your targeted industry/industries who received your resume so that you can connect or follow on LinkedIn and follow up.

Recruiter Letter

Geared toward executive search firm audience including information that will quickly help them to match you to open roles.
Branded, custom-designed Word file to match resume.

Executive Bio

Versatile tool to be used for websites, networking introductions, speaking engagements, interview leave-behind, etc.
One-page custom-designed Word file to match resume.
Features a headshot and relays your career story in the 3rd person.

References Dossier

One-page, branded, custom-designed Word file to match resume.
Guidance on how and when to gather and submit references.

Interview Thank-You Note

Critical post-interview correspondence that can seal the deal for your candidacy, enabling you to address any gaps in the interview and reiterate strengths.
Drafted as an E-note to paste directly into an email.
Includes a 30-minute debriefing call to be booked immediately upon scheduling the interview so that your document will be ready to deliver 24 hours after the interview.

Networking Brief & Letter

Ideal tool for reaching out to your network, outlining your value proposition, background, and targeted titles, industries, and companies. Designed to help your network uncover positions and ideal connections for you.
One-page, branded, custom-designed Word file to match resume.
Includes an e-note designed to activate your group of current contacts.